Sanibox bodywork for ground medical transport



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Thanks to our expertise, our medical unit has been designed to meet all legal requirements:

  • We have incorporated transparent windows with safety glass allowing natural ventilation and daylight inside the cell.
  • The body has Isothermal insulation and soundproofing. We apply the same technology for refrigerated vehicles. Our level of isothermal and soundless isolation is higher than what exists in the market (coating based on ABS made on sheet metal vans)
  • Thanks to the FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) used in the manufacture of our medical bodies, the surfaces are smooth and without any cutting. The floor is antislip due to the drawing surface. They are waterproof, self-extinguishing, self-cleaning and resistant to habitual disinfectants.
  • Access doors on the right side and at the rear provides access to the interior of the cell. It has a locking door system cotrolled by remote control.